How to buy in Europe. アムステルダムで本が買える場所です。

アムステルダムでは、アムステルフェーンの Japan Bookshopに9月中に入荷の予定です。
もしくは アマゾン で注文していただければ幸いです。

For those who wish to buy books by Driehoek,

Thank you very much for your interest! We are really excited that you love our books.

In NL (or nearby countries), please contact Japan bookshop in Amstelveen. They will have them from the 4th week of September for sure. You can already reserve your copy by telephone.

Japan Bookshop
Kostverlorenhof 12
1183 HE Amstelveen
TEL: 020-6799238

In other countries, please order by Amazon Japan.
・Nederland, mijn interieur「オランダ、私のインテリア」
・Pascale's Huis
「楽しいがいっぱい! オランダ・パスカルさん家の手作り生活」

Thank you very much and we hope you enjoy our books!

Have a great day ;)

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  1. thx!! for the family ;)
    happy sunday

  2. Thanks so much for the awe inspiring book! I got it today and put it on my blog straight away:

    It was lovely having you at our house!

    Thanks for the books and the opportunity, Diana

  3. What a great book with a lot of lovely Dutch people in it!
    Will buy it in Amstelveen really soon. Thanks!